Letters to the Editor, April 19, 2019

Trump; fire merger; Earth Day

Impeachment isn’t the answer

I found Roger Ledbetter’s April 12, 2019, column regarding impeachment to be insightful, particularly in regard to Vice President Mike Pence.

I fear that Republicans may actually join in the effort solely for the purpose of removing the Trump stain from the party and installing a weak but controllable minion.

Mike Pence could be more of a danger to our democracy than President Donald Trump. Mike Pence is a pervert. I do not in any way mean in a sexual nature, but in moral way. He is dangerous because he believes that his God has ordained that Trump should be president and that he was also ordained to be Trump’s enabler.

It is a moral perversion to believe that there is a divinity that would impose a leader such as Trump upon faithful followers.

Pence’s belief in “divine right” rule allows no room for dissent or for a change of leadership. Such a belief destroys. It did not work out well in France in 1789 or in Russia in 1917.

Impeachment is not the way to end the Trump scourge. It would only add fuel to the fire of white supremacists. The American people must vote him out. If we fail in that effort, then perhaps we have lost our way as a people and a nation.

Paul Berninger


Thoughts from a firefighter’s daughter

I don’t like politics, but I hate lying more.

Sixteen (16) of my 17 years. That is the time my dad has been a firefighter.

I’ve grown up around those red trucks. We’ve visited my dad on holidays only to have the tones go off halfway through eating. We learned to leave pictures/notes if the call lasted longer than we could stay.

I learned early that what my dad does saves lives. That when my dad missed an event, it was because he was holding the hand of a terrified kid in a crash or helping an elderly citizen.

Before he leaves for a 48-hour shift and I leave for school, there is a twinge of fear when I hope it isn’t the last time I hear that knuckle knock on the bathroom door with a hug waiting for me.

That is why this merger is so important for me; it would give firefighters the training they need to make sure that everyone working gets to go home. Keep in mind when you vote: My dad is the definition of “blue collar” and has the hands to prove it. He works hard and contrary to what some may believe, the firefighters simply want the opportunity to serve their community the very best that they can.

If you have the chance to protect those who risk their lives to save yours, isn’t it your responsibility to do so? If you care about preserving Fire District 27, isn’t your responsibility to listen to those who serve now and act accordingly?

Fire District 27 is one of pride and memories. But hear this: The department name on a patch, truck or building is not worth risking the lives of your firefighters. Vote “Yes.”

Aubrey Springer


For the future

Earth Day, April 22, is a holiday deserving much more recognition than it gets. Especially here, in the heart of the Mountains to Sound Greenway recently designated by Congress as a National Heritage Area. As our Snoqualmie Valley continues to undergo massive growth, this recognition gifts our community with new incentives and opportunities to effectively conserve and protect our forests, rivers, trail systems and cultural heritage.

We are privileged to live in a protected environment where every day is Earth Day. Opportunities to join in the celebration include volunteering to join one of the numerous work parties. Another opportunity is contacting our representatives in Olympia and Washington to support climate change legislation so necessary to preserve our “Greenway” for future generations.

David Olson