Letter to Fall City citizens

Letter to the Editor

Dear citizens of Fall City. It is with regret that I must inform you of a decision I’ve had to make. Since January of 2002, I’ve held position No. 3 on the board of commissioners in what is your great fire district here in Fall City. I have also been an active volunteer firefighter/emergency medical technician since 1981 and currently still am.

This past November I ran for re-election, unopposed, for the board of commissioners position No. 3 for a 6-year term and thanks to your support, was re-elected and sworn into office early January.

Due to circumstances not within my control I must resign as one of your commissioners. This was not an easy decision and I am hopeful that upon completion of having served 25 years as a volunteer on January 2, 2007, I can once again ask for your support in serving as commissioner.

The remaining two commissioners, Tommy Brice and Josie Williams, will be seeking an interested individual to fill my vacancy. If anyone has an interest, I encourage you to stop by the fire station.

As always, those who choose to be involved and actively participate will shape our future. I also encourage attendance at the regularly scheduled commissioner meetings, which take place the second Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m. at your fire station. This informs each of us as to what is ongoing and new with the district.

We, as citizens of this fine community, can be proud of what our fire department does to see that we are provided with what has always been a better-than-average value.

Again, I thank you for your past support, which has indeed been an honor and a responsibility I’ve taken very seriously.

Kevin J. Hauglie

Volunteer firefighter and EMT for Fall City