Let us give wings to nonprofits and charities in the Valley | William Shaw

COVID-19 and the delta variant are still casting awful shadows on our families and neighborhoods, our businesses and our way of life. However, this terrible pandemic certainly does not dim the bright light of kindness and generosity that continues to shine in the Snoqualmie Valley.

Every day during these challenging times, I am inspired by the selfless examples of Valley residents supporting our amazing local nonprofits, charities, foundations and diverse service and arts groups. These groups are dedicated to help support to people who are facing hardship, to enhance the community through arts, music, history, culture and a strong local business community — not to mention those who help care for the beautiful land that we so love. This collective ethos makes our Valley truly a special place to live, work and play.

The national initiative “Giving Tuesday” is Nov. 30. Learn more at www.givingtuesday.org.

Having been entwined in the Valley over the years, I cannot help but to interact, partner, donate to, help promote and be inspired by so many of these wonderful groups. As we approach the second year of this pandemic, some of these groups are doing well, but some are still struggling.

As we look at the remainder of the year and the festive holiday season, don’t forget to try to help out and donate to, volunteer for or join them. Just off the top of my head, here are a few by category. If I miss any, please feel free to reach out to me and tell me about your group.

Community service and fraternal service groups: Kiwanis Club of Snoqualmie Valley, Snoqualmie Valley Rotary Club, Unity Lodge, Fall City Lodge, Royal Arch Masons of WA, Sallal Grange, Moose Lodge, Eagles Lodge/Eerie, Snoqualmie Community Action Network, Friends of Youth Snoqualmie, Snoqualmie Valley Food Bank, Fall City Community Food Pantry, The Preston Food Bank, Carnation’s Hopelink office, Helping Hands Backpack Program and Love Snoqualmie Valley.

Business: SnoValley Chamber of Commerce, Fall City Community Association, Historic Downtown Snoqualmie Association, North Bend Downtown Association, North Bend Education and Cultural Association.

History: Northwest Railroad Museum, Fall City Historical Society, Snoqualmie Valley Historical Society.

Military veterans: American Legion, Eastside Firefighters Pipes and Drums.

Music and arts: Black Dog Arts Coalition, Boxley Music Fund, North Bend Arts and Industry, North Bend Community Theatre, Snoqualmie Falls Forest Theatre, Fall City Arts Association, Mount Si Artists Guild/Art Gallery of SnoValley, North Bend Film Festival, Valley Center Stage at the Sallal Grange and multiple art galleries.

Senior and children’s services: Encompass, Mount Si Senior Center, Snoqualmie Valley YMCA, Life Enrichment Options (LEO) and Snoqualmie Valley Youth Activity Center.

Nature, outdoors, sports: Friends of Snoqualmie River Trails, Meadowbrook Farm Preservation Association, Si View Community Foundation (Si View Parks District), The Trail Youth of Snoqualmie Valley, Friends of Fall City Parks, Raging River Conservation Group, Sno-King Hockey of Snoqualmie, SnoValley Tilth, Mountain to Sound Greenway and its offshoot, Savor Snoqualmie and others.

Animal welfare: Valley Animal Partners, Upper Snoqualmie Valley Elk Management, Mount Si Fish and Game Club.

Education: Snoqualmie Valley PTSA, Snoqualmie Valley Schools Foundation. Not to forget the multiple schools, booster clubs, band clubs, etc.

Don’t forget: Groups dedicated to our local libraries, churches, ministerial groups, choirs, animals (elk, equine, dogs and cats), water/community associations, sports, wrestling, bikes, unicycle, rifles/marksmanship, trails/hiking, and last but not least, the Snoqualmie Valley Garden Club.

You can check out all nonprofit corporations and charities in the state on the Washington Secretary of State’s website. Go to corporations search (most nonprofits) and charity/fundraiser/trust search at ccfs.sos.wa.gov.

In this oh so different holiday season and a hopefully better New Year, I urge you to give time, treasure, kindness, goods, voice, talent and wisdom to these and other groups in the Valley. Each in their own way, they inspire, lift up, connect and heal while they scatter joy and peace. On Nov. 30, let us help give them wings.

The Valley Gives

The Valley Record will be running “The Valley Gives” in November and December. This is an offering of discounted special page inventory and will be an opportunity to tell the story of a local Valley nonprofit and how they contribute to or support the community. In doing so, it may inspire others in the Valley to donate or contribute to those nonprofits before the end of the year.

The Valley Gives is designed for Valley nonprofits, charities, foundations, fraternities and arts groups to present their mission or tell their story to our readers — to let the Valley know what service or benefit they offer to the community at large or a special part of it. For local businesses, it is an opportunity to sponsor a page or half of a page to promote and tell the good news and story of a Valley nonprofit, charity, foundation, or group that they are passionate about, donate to or partner with.

William Shaw is general manager of the Snoqualmie Valley Record. Contact wshaw@valleyrecord.com or 425-453-2710.