Learn to save an artistic spider web

A look at North Bend life by resident Pat Simpson.

It is spider time in the Valley. All of the grass and bushes are covered

in the webs of orb spiders. These are the fat bodied ones that we are used to

seeing in our yards and crawling about in general. They are also called

garden spiders. The webs are truly beautiful in the morning when covered

with dew. No diamond could sparkle as brightly.

We have an especially fat one I have named George outside

our kitchen window. The web is built across one of the windowpanes.

Since we have a small light we leave on as a nightlight in the kitchen, we attract

a lot of bugs and George eats very well. Sort of spider fast food. Spiders eat

a lot of pests and are really very useful creatures. My grandmother used to

say if you stepped on one, you would make it rain. So nobody step on

any spiders for a while! We want this weather to last for a while longer.

You can save a spider web with a little flour or powder and a piece

of dark paper. Put the flour in your hand and blow it gently onto the web.

Then slide the dark paper behind it and pull forward. The web will stick to the

paper, outlined in the flour. This is fun to do, as you can see all the skill

the spider uses to build the webs.


Chess Club at the North Bend Library is holding the October

Knights Chess Tournament every Thursday night in October at 7 p.m. No

entry fee, bring clocks and sets, all skill levels and ages welcome. Club Game

30 (1/4 point byes). Trophies will be awarded.

If you are a chess player, or would just like to observe the players, this

is the place to be on Thursday nights.


Attention home schoolers! The library is holding special catalog

and Internet searching classes at North Bend. On Thursday, Oct. 7, there

will be two sessions held. Ages 11-18 will meet at 10 a.m., and ages 6-10

will meet at 11 a.m. This will be a basic introduction to research on the

library computers and the Internet. There is a lot of information available out

there, but you need to learn the tools to find reliable information quickly. So

drop by and let our librarians help you out.


The Farmers Market is over for this year, but I heard a lot of favorable

comments and hope it will become an annual event. One of our older ladies

was really pleased with the vegetables she got. She said they were real beets,

with tops and everything, and were not `woody’ like the ones she got at

the store. I hope you got a chance to enjoy this event. It’s a good thing for

our area.


Thought for the week: Beware of little expenses; a small leak will

sink a great ship – Poor Richard

Ain’t that the truth!

Please submit items for

North Bend Nuggets to

Pat Simpson at P.O. Box 857,

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