Korich-Vega active in city government

Letter to the Editor

I met Marcia Korich-Vega for the first time at a meeting regarding a

proposed new development called “Falls Crossing.”

Some citizens had formed a group opposing this project. One of the

reasons for the opposition was that Puget Western wanted to move the

power lines to the bottom of the hill, right behind the Northern Street

neighborhood. I did not think that this was a fair deal for the neighborhood, so

I joined the group.

We went door to door and informed citizens about the

situation. During this process, we went to city council meetings and planning

commission meetings. Eventually, the planning commission voted

against Falls Crossing and made them go back to the drawing boards.

Marcia became so interested in city government that a year ago she

applied for a city council position, and she is running this November. Marcia is

very knowledgeable on flood issues, traffic, shoreline management,

growth and shoreline issues.

She is a working mom who wants Snoqualmie to continue to be a

great place for present and future generations.

Catherine Bunn