Kerry best choice for veterans

Letter to the Editor.

In “Why veterans should not vote for Kerry” (Valley Record, Feb. 18), Joe Crecca accuses John Kerry of “un-American misdeeds” for his participation in the peace movement during the last years of the Vietnam War.

Mr. Crecca apparently doesn’t know what was going on in this country during his years of incarceration as a POW in Vietnam.

He seems unaware media journalists were reporting honestly and fairly the history, development and events of our involvement, providing grounding for the surfacing and growth of the peace movement. We now know the war might have been ended as early as 1968, the beginning of serious negotiations, on terms essentially no different from those achieved in the cease fire of 1973. Neither the peace movement nor John Kerry’s participation in that effort delayed the end of the war. Presidents Johnson and Nixon did that by wrongfully seeing Vietnam as a Cold War domino rather than just one more battle in the Vietnamese’ 2,000-year history of fighting foreign domination.

Responding to allegations similar to Mr. Crecca’s concerning the patriotism of Sen. Kerry, it is noteworthy that The New York Times (Feb. 16) quoted fellow Vietnam veteran and Sen. John McCain saying, “We need to inform vets not just about John Kerry’s courageous combat service in Vietnam, but also about the man who is spreading lies and distortions about John.”

In this veteran’s opinion, John Kerry’s record, experience and positions on the issues reflect our best possible choice to be the next president of the United States of America.

Dave Olson

North Bend