Kate tells it like it is

Letter to the Editor.

Thank you very much to Kate Miller for your June 1st article expressing what I have been feeling for years regarding the threat of King County government banning all fireworks.

Like Kate, my family, friends and I love fireworks on the Fourth of July. The notion of making us go to a public display as a substitute for the freedom of celebrating our independence with our own private fireworks display further solidifies King County government’s ignorance of the public they “serve.” The county and selected city governments have a misguided motive of protecting us from ourselves.

I want to ask all people who enjoy the experience of your own backyard fireworks to exercise common sense this year and all years to come. Do not light fireworks when you are intoxicated. Do not use illegal fireworks. Contrary to popular belief, not all fireworks sold at Indian reservations are illegal. They sell the safe and sane approved items as well. Please do not ruin it for all of us!

As long as the few who abuse the privilege of discharging your own fireworks each year continue, the shrieking voices of a minority may take away another of our freedoms. I hope it doesn’t come to that.

Thanks again to Kate for expressing exactly the way I feel.

Sean Donnelly

North Bend