Judge ignores voters will

Record Editorial

Remember this name for years to come, as it signifies a person who is on a pedestal in her own mind: Judge Mary Roberts.

Roberts is the King County Superior Court judge who recently struck down the now infamous property tax limits of Initiative 722. Basically, I-722 was an amendment to I-747, which limited property tax increases to 2 percent per year.

So is this dilemma over a misguided attempt by the initiative’s creator, Tim Eyman, or an overzealous judge’s loose interpretation of state law? Whatever it is, it clearly sends a message to both sides that: a) Eyman has once again led voters down a path of false hope by proposing, and passing, an initiative that doesn’t mean anything, and b) the state and elected officials still aren’t quite clued into the message that voters want taxing authorities to be smart about how money is spent.

Each of the tax spending limit initiatives (I-601 is an example) has forced government to do things smarter and leaner. In business that is a good thing; in government it is an expectation. Does it go too far in hindering basic services? Possibly, but it is what voters have consistently approved.

Referendum and initiative are two basic elements of our checks and balances system of government. Now we just need an initiative creator who can get something to stand the test of judicial review.