Independent journalism is more crucial than ever

During these times of great change, we also face challenging choices – in the next few weeks ahead, and in November. The results of those choices will define our families, our community and our country for many years to come.

Recently, it seems like much of what this nation holds dear has been threatened – democracy, civility, truth. Distorted, partisan news and a social media tsunami of inaccurate content is no basis on which to inform the public. The need for a robust, independent and local press has never been greater, and the Snoqualmie Valley Record will strive to continue to provide accurate, fact-based reporting that offers public scrutiny and oversight. But trained, professional, experienced reporters and editors cost money. Whether it is from our valued print and digital advertising partners or from our loyal reader subscribers, our journalism efforts need to be supported to ensure that we can continue to inform the communities of the Valley with valuable, unbiased and honest reporting.

Since 1913, readers of the Snoqualmie Valley Record have valued our mission, and have shared in the partnership of that mission by investing in The Record with their neighbors up and down the Valley. Then and now, it is our readers and advertisers financial support that has protected our independence, which in today’s world, has never been so critical.

We hope that you value our role in being a part of what brings our Valley together, and we gratefully invite you to consider supporting the Snoqualmie Valley Record in our 107 year mission by becoming a digital or home delivery print subscriber by visiting

I thank you for your support of the Valley Record and personally wish you and your families all the very best during this difficult and challenging time.

Stay safe!

William Shaw is General Manager of the Snoqualmie Valley Record. Contact: