I-933 is speculator’s insurance

Letter to the Editor

First off, let’s call Initiative 933 what it is: “Speculator’s Insurance.” It provides an insurance policy for those who hope to do something with some piece of land and make a profit from that. Now, while that might be nice for them, no one handed me any cash when my stocks and mutual funds tanked a few years ago. There is risk in speculation.

Second, who pays them when they can’t put 40 houses on 10 acres? The government? Yes. But remember way back in that civics class you had in fourth grade? Who is the government? Yes. It’s you and me. We pay them. Hurray for them.

So, the bottom line, folks, is that some people who have land want you to pay them if they can’t make as much money on the land as they want.

Are you going to vote for that?

Vote “No” on Speculator’s Insurance. Vote No on I-933.

Dave Eiffert