Here in the Valley and beyond, we are all connected

COVID-19’s continuing shadow certainly does not dim the bright light of kindness and generosity that resonates in our Valley.

During this pandemic, most of us are taking care of family and friends and offering support to neighbors up and down the street. I also see great examples of residents making sure that they support our local businesses.

Likewise, it is heartening to see the many instances across the Valley where the business community is continuing to creatively innovate, re-create and re-think their business models to meet the changing needs of their customers and the effort to keep staff and customers safe as this dynamic health situation requires.

Like most of us dealing with the stress of the economic fallout from COVID-19, many business owners, managers and staff are also feeling very much alone. But every Wednesday, a light shines for them from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. when the SnoValley Chamber of Commerce’s Earl Bell and Kelly Coughlin host a positive Zoom platform for Chamber members in the business community. This weekly Zoom meeting allows for local businesses to connect, collaborate, get advice and learn. For more information, go to

As a tiny part of the Valley Record’s 107-year history of telling the story of the Valley and its business community, one small thing I will be doing each month is to stop by a random business in North Bend, Downtown Snoqualmie, The Ridge or Fall City and take a quick photo/snapshot of the manager and staff and get a little outline of the products or services they offer — and perhaps find an interesting nugget about the business that makes it unique.

I’ll then be publishing this little Business Snapshot in print and online (free of charge) in the hopes that our many digital and print readers learn something new about a business they’ve driven past, but may have never visited.

And speaking of great branding opportunities, most of our readers are very aware of the annual Best of the Valley contest. We have been running it every April-May since 2007. This year, the tallying and presentation of the winners and runners up of this popular contest was unfortunately postponed because of the pandemic. As we all strive to keep a semblance of normalcy, keep an eye on the print and digital pages pages of the Valley Record, as I’ll be revealing the Best of the Valley results soon.

In that same vein, I’ll also be producing the digital/print 15th annual Spotlight on Business in January 2021. If you are a local business owner or manager and don’t want to be left out of these popular outreach venues, email or call me for more information: or 425-453-2710!

Here in the Valley and beyond, we are all connected. Please make sure you get outdoors, help your neighbor, call and check in on a family member, shop local, patronize our restaurants, take a virtual class, donate to a nonprofit, be patient, offer thanks, wear a mask and vote.

Thank you indeed to our print and digital subscribers and readers who are supporting the vital institution of fair, balanced and professional local journalism. Likewise to our loyal advertiser partners up and down the Valley. Please support them — they too are an important part of enabling us to continue to tell the story of the Valley and its people, places and events.

William Shaw is general manager of the Snoqualmie Valley Record. Contact or 425-453-2710.