Gravel pit is about profits

Letter to the Editor.

I would like to reply to the recent letters about the

“Gravel pit isn’t the problem.” Like the writer [Dec. 14], my wife and

I have lived in the Valley for 12 years, but I commute, and I

don’t share his view of Weyerhaeuser.

Since I have lived in the Valley, I have had the privilege

to get to know a few of the people who work for the

Weyerhaeuser Co. These people are fine, hard-working people. These people

are the loggers and equipment operators. If you take into

consideration that these jobs are some of the most dangerous jobs in this state, if

not the country, most of the employees still love what they do.

Every time these people are turning around, this so-called

pillar of our community has threatened to outsource their jobs to

a gypo. Never mind that the Weyerhaeuser loggers have

fewer accidents, or they might show a little more pride in the way

they do their job. The bottom line is money — the same

reason Weyerhaeuser and Cadman are reluctant to use Exit 38.

The profit increases the fewer the miles the trucks have to travel. Ask

yourself if this is better for the community, or the companies?

In the letter that appeared Dec. 14, the writer stated that he

noticed the signs as he drove though the area. It doesn’t sound like

this person is aware of what these companies would like to do.

I suggest that you educate yourself. Cadman has copies of the

DEIS (draft environmental impact statement) available for you to

read. Then again, don’t believe everything you read. If you really

knew anything about the area, you would realize that the DEIS

has so many holes in it, it looks like a block of Swiss cheese.

My family lives directly to the north of the proposed lower

site and is one of the closest homes to that site. We stand to lose a lot

if the site goes in. Oh, I’m not just talking about money. Many

other things tend to affect me besides money — try safety, health,

drinking water, air quality and peace of mind. All these things kind of

go hand in hand. What are these worth to you?

Check this out: look at the last four letters of the

name Weyerhaeuser. That says it all.

Don Buzzell

North Bend