Gratitude felt by local family in troubled time

Letter to the Editor

The family of Wayne Wion would like to extend thanks to the Women of the Moose for all they did for us during our time of loss. It it hadn’t been for you wonderful women, we don’t know what we would have done. Thank you for donating and preparing all the food and cleaning up after all of us before, during and after the memorial for Wayne.

For those who may not be aware, the Women of the Moose do many wonderful things to help the people of the Valley. They are constantly having fund raisers to help people, whether it be during a time of loss, to help raise money to fight a terrible disease, or to bring joy to families during the holidays who would not have it otherwise. If ever you wanted to donate to a worthy cause, the Women of the Moose are a group of women that can help make it happen. So next time you find yourself with a few extra dollars and want to do something good with it, remember these women.

Thank you to Leesa McKay for being there. We know time is in short supply for this wonderful friend of many talents. Thank you for all the help and support and love you gave to me and the rest of our family. I am proud to have you as a daughter to me and a sister to my daughter. I love you for this.

Our family would also like to thank Wayne’s many friends and co-workers who have made this time of sorrow so much easier to deal with. To his friend and neighbor Barb Wright, and her husband Cecile, thank you for all you have done over these past few months during Wayne’s long illness.

Thank you to all of the people at At Work who have helped us fill out paperwork to keep Wayne’s insurance up to help pay the hospital bills; who gave up their own sick leave and vacation time so that Wayne could have the financial help he so badly needed while hospitalized for the past four months. Thank you to all of Wayne’s clients who sent him cards and letters of support and love during his hospital stay.

He loved you all like family. His family loves you for all you have done.

The family of Wayne

Allen Wion