Get the priorities straight

Letter to the Editor.

It seems to me that we are wasting billions of dollars on the

politicians and their necessities when we could be using the money for other,

more important problems.

There are so many hungry, homeless people out there that we could

be helping instead. Not to mention, the total destruction of our planet that

scientists are screaming at us each day to stop.

Don’t we believe our own scientists; the ones who spit out report

after report stating that we are killing more of our earth daily? Yet, we are not

committing funds to save the devastation we’ve caused in the past, let alone

what we continue to do each day.

Instead, we allot more money to transportation (the archaic,

earth-killing kind), to do what? Put more money in the huge car companies’

pockets? So they build more? We’ll be out of oil in 20 years.

Why hasn’t anyone said “Enough!,” then put in place new

rules, new ideas?

Such as: Why not pay politicians on a sliding scale, one similar to

the welfare allotments, and pay them annually based on their

“achievements,” or something to that effect. We

can eliminate all the benefits by scheduling regular meetings, allotting

flight money like we do food stamps and sticking to a normal budget. We

all know there are issues to discuss. Why do we waste so much money on

the excess garbage?

We the people should be voting in measures such as these to keep

our politicians moral and on track to what their jobs are really about. How

many politicians do you know who would give their all for the same amount

of money as someone on welfare? Maybe we wouldn’t have to worry about

morality anymore. I think we would attract only people who really want

to make a difference.

I’m tired of seeing all these “power-play” kinds of dealings.

We need to get stricter guidelines or laws laid down to prevent this and stick

to the issues!

It seems to me that after seeing the “portions” or percentiles of where

our tax dollars go here in Washington, that somewhere along the way the

“politicians” have twisted our laws to

their advantage. I’m personally tired of listening to all the junk on TV that

continually skirts the issues. We’re a laughing-stock in other countries.

Isn’t it time we made some serious changes in our own “policies and practices?”

Deborah DuBois

North Bend