Fire department comes to the rescue

Letter to the Editor.

Guess what I got for Christmas: a helping hand from our own lovely

fire department and wonderful friends and neighbors.

I am so lucky to live in Snoqualmie. On Dec. 21 at 2 a.m.,

my roofing material blew off my roof from the high winds! I mean all of it.

My roof just slid off the house and tented itself on my power lines.

I thought a tree had fallen and went out front, and all I saw was black.

The roofing was hanging almost to the ground. I got lucky when I

couldn’t find car keys to move two cars because a large piece broke off and fell on

one of them, probably saving me a major injury. I called 911, and both

police and fire responded within minutes. PSE also came to look but left

without doing anything, although my power mast was broken. Gee, thanks PSE.

The winds were too high for the firemen to do anything that night,

but they went way above and beyond the call of duty, I think, when they

came back early the next morning and pulled that roof back up and nailed what

was left down. Where else are you going to get help like that? We are so

lucky to have our own fire department, staffed with men such as these.

I also need to thank my friends and neighbors, Dave, Sharon and

Neil Volker and Dennis Banning for spending Saturday afternoon on my

roof with me, covering it with tarps. I am truly blessed for having them

near. Thanks to you all. You made my Christmas special. I’ll never forget

it. Thanks again, Snoqualmie Fire Department!

Hmmm, after elevating my house I thought I was finished with

water damage! (After four floods, though, losing the roof was nothing.) My

family in Arizona thinks I could have a new career there as a water-finder!

Marcia Korich