Festival celebrates another great year

Letter to the Editor.

We had another great year! Thank you to our committee: Steve Collins, John DeCarlo, Beth Waltz, Michelle Young, Randy Stedman, Kathy Feniello, Nicole Pitts, Pam Hillier, Tim Gates, Missy Paulson and Kimberly Kosorok. Also thank you to all their spouses, since they all help in many ways, as well as their children. We all worked our behinds off.

We had a few other volunteers that helped us out on the big day. A huge thank you to Tracy Steele for helping out with both the vendors and parade; my mom, Ina Wallace, who came up from Palm Springs for a visit but ended up helping with the vendors, parade and raffle; and Tim Sweeney, Joshuah Lisk, Jereme Farmer, Gibson Lisk and Joe Stoutt for helping with the parade and many other things. To all the other volunteers who worked on the 5K run/walk, kid’s fun park and entertainment; the Explorers for keeping the roads clear; and the police that came in to help.

Thank you once again to all the residents who live along West Morrison and Stewart Street for allowing me to set the parade route. A huge thanks to Carnation Police Chief Barnes, as this was his first event here and he was a dream to work with, as was Carl Mueller, a public works supervisor for the city.

Thank you to our parade announcers including Jack Ballard, who has been doing this with me for the past eight years and not only announces but sets up his sound system and performs during the day; Steve Collins, a great friend; and my wonderful husband, Stuart Lisk. And thank you to the parade judges from Bank of America.

Thank you to the entire staff at City Hall for fielding questions and forwarding messages and e-mails. They work very hard to support this event.

And thank you to everyone who supported this event, we appreciate your donations: Century Tel, Nestle, the Carnation Chamber of Commerce, Earth to Earth, Talking Rain, Remlinger Farm, Hopelink, QFC and the Fall City Community Association.

I hope you all enjoyed the day and I look forward to next year’s Carnation’s Great Fourth of July Celebration.

Kim Lisk

Parade and event chair