Fall City area plan concerns reader

Letter to the Editor

Thank you, Darrell Thompson, for your insightful Sept. 30 editorial

to wake up the Fall City community to the (potential) loss of their

property rights. For those residents who have not been following the CAC’s

recommended zoning changes and the ensuing subarea plan over the past

year, it is NOW time to take notice and

take action.

While the CAC’s intention was to preserve the rural character of

our town, the outcome of their end product was not very charitable. Write,

call, or E-mail your county council members in regards to the inconsistent

and inequitable proposed zoning alterations. If the council adopts these

revisions, it will devalue land and result in a loss of property rights to

individual landowners.

It is disturbing that the revisited subarea plan does not promote

individuality. Our town has a unique character that should be preserved: the

all too rare “mom and pop” businesses. There are so few places left that

encourage small businesses without the competition from big conglomerates.

Geographically, Fall City lends itself well to small family-based

ventures due to the proximity of the two rivers, the highway, and limited

individual lot sizes. Eliminating potential zoning, as the plan endorses, will

impede further possibilities for our town.

Unfortunately, this “potential” designation was not the only target

of down zoning that will infringe on the rights of local property owners.

You can review the complete details of the subarea plan at the Fall City

Library or via the Internet at


So, Fall City property owners, it is imperative that you voice your

concerns now – BEFORE the council casts their vote. Call (206) 296-4040;

write to the council members at 1200 King County Court House, 516 3rd

Avenue, Room 1200, Seattle WA 98104; or e-mail the members

at: name@metrokc.gov. The council members’ names can be found in

the government listings of the Seattle phone book.

Patty Burnard

Fall City