Driving age should be lowered

Letter to the Editor.

To all parents out there, do you like taking your teens


I think teens today should be able to drive at the age 14. I

say this because we do not like to rely on or worry our parents to take

us places.

These days more and more teens have lots of dances and

after school activities that we need and want to get to. Plus

parents can’t always take us because they have things to do.

This way we can spend more time with out friends and

family. We do not have our parents taking us to a friend’s house.

Also think of it this way, would you like your parents to have to

drive you on a date?

Also parents would not have to worry and stop what

they’re doing to take us places, for instance to the mall with a

friend. I’m not saying that everyone will not fool around, but there are

most of us that need this and won’t fool around. If anything happens it

will be between us and our parents.

If parents don’t give consent then we can’t get it. I know

people who can drive and need this to get around. Help the people

lower the driving age.

Adriana Gutierrez

North Bend