Dear Snoqualmie Valley community …

Letters to the Editor

Many of you know about our son, Caleb Williams. He was injured in a fall at Blue Hole on the Snoqualmie River on June 20. The last few months have been phenomenal, not only in his healing, but also in the amazing support we have experienced from the community.

After five weeks at Harborview, two months at home (much of the time in a coma) and four weeks at Children’s Hospital rehab, Caleb has rejoined his friends as a part-time student at Mount Si. He has become fairly independent, and he has a very positive attitude as he adjusts to the changes he has experienced.

We have had the privilege of experiencing some very positive actions from local youth. Five young men acted with great maturity when they rescued Caleb. Not only did they save him from drowning, they kept his airway clear and stopped him from being swept away by the current as they waited for help.

Many students from the area have supported us throughout this time. They faithfully visited Caleb at Harborview, at our home and at Children’s Hospital. They made cards for Caleb, our other children and the Harborview staff. A large group of over 20 students cleaned our home and did our yard work once a week for the entire summer. They organized bracelet fund raisers and donation cans at local community events, local businesses and the middle and high schools. They also created a DVD video tribute for Caleb and used it as a fund raiser at the middle and high schools. We are honored to know these young men and women and they will always be close to our hearts.

Throughout this whole experience, we have enjoyed the true meaning of community in a way we have never before known. To say “thank you” seems so inadequate, and yet we want each person to know how much they have meant to us. We do not even know all the people who have supported us through this time. Please accept this note of gratitude if you were involved in any way in helping us.

Businesses offered food, services, therapy and training for us and Caleb; displayed donation cans; sold bracelets; and donated items for an auction. School district staff visited Caleb; supported the hurting friends during finals week; sent cards, gifts and flowers; offered us support and places to stay in Seattle; and worked with us to get Caleb back into the school community. Church and community friends prayed for us; visited and sat with us in the emergency room and ICU; sent meals, cards, gifts and flowers; provided rides and overnight stays for our daughter; organized, attended and donated for a fund-raiser auction; built a wheelchair ramp for our home; installed a bar in our shower; organized student helpers in our home; stayed with Caleb day or night to give us rest; organized bracelet/donation can fund raisers; provided medical supplies for Caleb; finished our outside painting project; and towed and repaired a car.

We realize we are not aware of all the things that have been done to support us, but we know each act of kindness has been pivotal in Caleb’s recovery process. Our family is very thankful to be part of this community.

Andy, Kim, Josh, Caleb and Sarah Williams