Day of Silence

Letter to the Editor

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As a senior at Mount Si, I am appalled by the behavior of our parents and adults in our community in response to the Day of Silence this year. In recent e-mailings from both the Coalition to Defend Education and supporters of the GSA, I have noticed a trend of blatant hypocrisy that does not become our Valley.

On the CoDE’s Web page, they ask to “end disruptive and abusive behavior on the Day of Silence,” yet Mr. Hutcherson “is organizing a protest . . . on the Day of Silence” at the high school, according to a message on the Antioch Bible Church Web site.

As a student, not to mention a participant in the Day of Silence, I feel threatened that a potential group of 1,000 adults who are outspoken against acceptance of others in regard to sexual orientation would use the high school as a field to launch their prejudice. It is absolutely inappropriate for any adult to use Mount Si as grounds to push their political views. In the CoDE’s mission statement, they commit to “provid[ing] a learning environment that is physically and emotionally safe for all students,” yet the excessive parent involvement in this year’s proceedings of a peaceful day of acceptance is causing fear, anger, frustration, and conflict within the student body.

In past years, the Day of Silence has been controversial, but students gained a valuable lesson in dealing with people who have differing opinions. This year, the parent intrusion has caused a greater rift between students of different upbringings than in any of the years past.

Similarly, the ‘friends of GSA’ recently sent out an e-mail updating the “tolerant citizens” that the “forces of bigotry have been hard at work.” Yet the e-mail showed just as much intolerance as they claim the other side has. They also asked for adults to “take the day off” and make an appearance at the high school on the Day of Silence.

I am outraged! No group of adults should be so juvenile. Showing up at the high school will only make all problems worse than they are. The ‘adults’ of this Valley have astounded me with the petty way they are using the high school to showcase their political opinions. High school is for students and minors to learn and feel comfortable, not to be subjected to the discrimination of adults on either side of the spectrum. This insignificant bickering of parties has got to stop. Adults should be more mature than this.

Haley Williamson