Councilman’s behavior disappointing

Letter to the Editor.

Last year I wrote a note thanking Greg Fullington for his work as King County Prosecutor in a conviction involving a horrible animal abuse case. In closing I wrote I was proud to have him as a city councilman – A statement I now recant.

At the May 25 City Council meeting, it was extremely disappointing to see Mr. Fullington shaking his head in disgust, snickering and refusing to look at speakers.

His loss of self-control, shouting at a citizen who simply asked not to be interrupted that “He [Fullington] was the elected official …” and that “He [Fullington] was the councilman …” was met with an audible gasp from the standing-room only crowd.

This was not about a baseball cap. His conduct would have been equally disturbing had he been wearing a Brooks Brothers suit. Perhaps video-taping Snoqualmie City Council meetings would give everyone valuable insight as to who is representing them and how seriously they actually listen to their community.

Kim Howard