Correction of error appreciated

Letter to the Editor.

I just finished reading the editorial regarding the Mount Si fastpitch team and the regret about the misprint that stated the wrong player committed an error in the state game. I have wanted to write for a long time to thank you for the coverage our local sports receive from the Valley Record.

We seem to get little to no respect from the other papers and I appreciate what we read in our local paper. When a mistake is made in most newspapers, a small retraction is sometimes printed, but placed in an obscure place where no one sees it usually. I sincerely doubt if any of the other papers even bothered with the retraction that was due Katie Morgan.

I am happy to live in a community where the local paper is willing to admit a mistake and even go on record to apologize, taking up sizable and expensive space to do so. The Valley Record normally does a terrific job with our athletes and I applaud this further commitment to excellence and loyalty to the community. Thank you, Jim.

Kathy White

Fall City