Cook calling the kettle black

Letter to the Editor.

I had to laugh when I read the article about newly elected City Council member David Cook’s outrage and his condemnation of the “closed-door decision” on Ayesha Tidwell’s well-deserved appointment as human services community liaison in the Jan. 28 edition of the Valley Record.

Mr. Cook might harken back to how he was appointed to be a commissioner on the Economic Development Commission before he criticizes anyone else. Mr. Cook was “appointed” to this commission without any interviews with the chair, staff or any commission members at all. We were belatedly “informed” that David Cook was to be our newest commissioner without any comment, opinion or interview allowed.

It was after his appointment in this often used “closed-door decision” method and the outcry that followed that the process was changed to include applications and interviews for all advisory board positions; be it Parks Board, Planning Commission, etc. By the way, at the time it was not Mr. Cook who was complaining about the closed-door appointment process he was benefiting from.

Susan Sherman

North Bend