Congrats, Wildcats

Record Editorial

It’s been a long time coming but the Mount Si football team won its crossover game against Kelso Saturday night, Nov. 4, to secure a trip to the state playoffs. It was the first time that Mount Si had ever won nine football games in a season. Anyone who knows me knows that I can be found on the sidelines at most football games taking pictures and enjoying the atmosphere. This season has been a highlight in the 10 years I have been covering the team.

Kelso had no idea what hit them on Saturday night as the Wildcats unleashed a barrage of points in the first quarter, 29 to be exact.

But the celebration on the field is more than a celebration of the team. The stadium is a part of the team’s success and the entire Valley should be proud. The Snoqualmie Valley Junior Football Association Wildcat teams should be congratulated since they are providing quality players to the high school. The two middle school programs and their coaching staffs should also be congratulated. Together we have given Mount Si the opportunity to show everyone what we can do.

Now, let’s go kick some Camas behind.

The football team isn’t the only team headed to state. For the second year in a row the girls’ soccer team will make a state appearance, taking on Kennedy Wednesday night, Nov. 8. More and more fans are showing up at soccer games and the level of skill is a direct reflection of the level of effort that goes into the Snoqualmie Valley Youth Soccer Association. Players have many more chances to improve their skills than they did just five years ago. Club teams and year-round leagues allow players to hone their skills continually.

Congratulations to a fun team to watch and good luck with your state playoff bid.