Coffing sets stage for arts in Snoqualmie

Letter to the editor.

Thanks to the Valley Record for finally doing an article on Cris Coffing (April 18, 2002, issue). Her Isadora’s Cafe in downtown Snoqualmie has been the nucleus for a diverse and growing group of artists of all endeavors.

She has single-handedly brought art and culture to the area. Her cafe is a venue for painters, photographers, glass sculptors, mask makers and other artisans. The small stage at Isadora’s serves up regular theater, and every Wednesday night there is an open mic for poets and singers to come and perform. For over 10 years now, her cafe is the “only” place to be.

Besides all of the aforementioned, Isadora’s has the best food and espresso.

Cris knows and understands artists because she is one. She is a dancer, actress and a great short-story writer.

L. E. Cornelison