City tagline

Letter to the Editor

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A recommendation has come to the Snoqualmie City Council to adopt a tagline to be added to the city’s new logo. This would be used selectively on marketing materials as the city seeks new businesses, residents, and visitors to our evolving city.

The tagline is “Your Place of Discovery.” I have seen articulate, thoughtful, reasoned opposition to the recommendation. Along with other supporters, I would like to share my thoughts in favor of the recommendation.

Everything is about “you,” whoever you are and for whatever reason you were drawn to our city. With improved highway and wayfinding signage, you will now be better able to find this place. You will learn that we are 25 miles from downtown Seattle, near the Falls and not near the Pass.

You will learn that we are in the heart of the Upper Snoqualmie Valley that has so much to offer for everyone.

There are so many things for everyone to discover, especially as we implement a new look and feel and vitality to our historic/railroad district.

If you come for a Day Out With Thomas, you will discover our farmers market as well as new restaurants, baristas, and retail shops near the Northwest Railway Museum’s train station.

If you come to gamble, you will discover the history and artifacts of the Snoqualmie Tribe, headquartered in our downtown.

If you are looking for a home, then you will discover parks, trails and open space everywhere, as well as panoramic views of Mount Si and the Cascade Mountain Range.

If you come for the bicycle safety rodeo or the three-on-three basketball tournament, then you will discover 18 eating establishments in close walking distance at the Ridge Marketplace.

For all that has recently happened and will happen in the near future, this truly is “Your Place of Discovery,” and there is so much more to discover.

Bob Jeans