Changes should be made at county level

Letter to the Editor.

The new sheriff’s department warrant policy is another responsibility King County government is passing on to local government. The county government officials are making these decisions using the excuse of not enough tax money instead of getting rid of pork in their budget.

Beware: Could this be a policy to eliminate local police departments and force King County police coverage as a replacement? As stated by John Urquhart, referring to small-city policy forces, “We know this will be difficult for some cities, but if they don’t have the people to transport the warrants, maybe they should think twice about being police departments.”

I guess he should say the same thing about King County police: If they can’t transport their own charges, maybe they should think twice about being in the law-enforcement business.

Instead of passing county responsibilities to local government, we should hire and elect King County government officials who can run an efficient county sheriff and police department!

Tony Yanez