Changes being made despite dissension

Letter to the Editor

I have lived in the Lake Alice neighborhood for more than 25 years. I am one of the 240 residents of our area that has asked the city of Snoqualmie to stop its efforts to connect the massive Snoqualmie Ridge development to our rural-zoned Lake Alice Road. Despite our clear statement against the connector, the city appears intent in its efforts to go ahead. Paving of their connector will likely start next week.

Lake Alice Road is a steep, narrow, rural road. We have a King County trail that crosses it where the speed limit is 15 miles per hour. The trail is where many of you come for walks and where young families teach children to ride bicycles. This is presently a road that fits the rural character of our neighborhood. Let’s not ruin that.

I can see why Snoqualmie wants to cut through our neighborhood. It will shorten their trips from Snoqualmie Ridge to Redmond, the Plateau and Fall City. We kindly ask the residents to please go around. Our Lake Alice Road has too much traffic now. Snoqualmie and its developers have repeatedly promised not to make this connection. Now they are moving to do just that.

Snoqualmie Ridge was built for high density. It is served by the four-lane thoroughfare that joins Interstate 90. That is the kind of roadway needed to serve the Ridge. Developers of the Ridge are required to put in massive utility improvements to serve the Ridge. Allowing a cut through little Lake Alice Road bypasses all those important requirements.

What do we care about here, neighborhoods or the shortest distance between two points?

Please join with us to keep common sense and safety for Lake Alice Road. Send your contact information to us at or Lake Alice Community Association. P.O. Box 414, Fall City, WA 98024.

David Reed

Fall City