Cedarcrest coach apologizes

Letter to the Editor

The following is a copy of a letter sent to the Mount Si football program.

In the C-team football game summary in the Nov. 11 issue of

the Snoqualmie Valley Record, I made reference to eight sophomores

who played in the game. I said that they could not walk and chew gum

before the game against Cedarcrest. For this and any other excuses I might

have made for your C-team beating ours, I apologize.

Players with differing skill levels will always play against one

another in all venues of our league. That is the nature of sports. A difference in

philosophies should not result in a disrespecting of those same players. All

of the Mount Si players who played in the C-squad game played hard

and played well. It is to you and your fellow teammates that I apologize

most profusely. You played well and deserve the credit for beating our team.

Period. I am not an excuse maker but more importantly, I think that you and

your coaches deserve much more respect than I gave you in the article.

Please accept my apologies and understand that I alone made the

comments without the blessings of our administration or coaching staff.


Freshman Football Coach