Busing changes are a part of life

Letter to the Editor

I take offense to the comment from the “Ridge” resident [who said] that parents of students in North Bend that were, and are, bused to Chief Kanim knew before we bought our houses.

I bought my house in North Bend in 1977 and Chief Kanim was not even a thought then. I had children and thought they would attend all North Bend schools. I was wrong there, too, but each change – North Bend Elementary, Snoqualmie Elementary, Opstad and then the bussing to Kanim – proved to be great moves for my kids. They all grew up “normal” and healthy and ended up having a much more diverse group of friends because of the moves!

So, before they get all excited about the busing, let them stop and think that their little darlings will have half the bus ride my kids had. And the drive to Fall City, although a drag, is a beautiful one (for us it was nearly 30 minutes). Make it an outing and enjoy the flowers along the way!

Teresa Stevens Schomber

North Bend