Bush’s ads are off base

Letter to the Editor

I’d like to know what in hell the 9-11 attack has to do with Bush’s re-election bid?

This country found its flag-waving fervor after 9-11, and not because Bush is president. Bush wants that fact forgotten. He is using a cheap (well, not monetarily as his $170-million special-interest war chest indicates) and hurtful ploy to attain his goal of distracting the American public from his miserable record of economic failure, job loss, waging war while cutting veterans’ benefits, special interests and corporate greed, environmental disaster and the list goes on.

Bush hopes that by invoking the sorrow and resulting feelings of patriotism our nation experienced (and still does) because of that horrific day in September, this country’s voters will attribute those feelings inspired by 9-11 (not Bush) to the man himself. Bush is counting on those ads, not his record, to do that.

Viki Hoyt