Bush is misleading the American people

Letter to the Editor.

If President Bush was truly interested in promoting ownership in America, he would stop pursuing economic policies that reward the few while the many lose ground.

For starters, he would:

– Start fixing a broken healthcare system that’s straining families and small businesses.

– Drop his opposition to a living wage.

– Reverse his plans to cut back Pell grants that make college affordable to working- and middle-class kids.

– Craft trade and tax policies that clamp down on the flight of jobs abroad.

– Abandon his plans to extend the tax cuts for the wealthiest 1 percent – those who make $1 million or more. (They already received $148 billion in cuts last year.)

– Ditch his risky Social Security privatization scheme that would require benefit cuts and jeopardize millions of men and women who live a few steps away from relentless poverty.

Let’s try a novel idea and intelligently structure a domestic policy that pursues the most good for the most people for the longest time.

Dave Eiffert