Burner’s will be a voice to be reckoned with

Letter to the Editor

The late legendary Speaker of the House of Representatives Tip O’Neill said, “All politics are local.” In effect, we will, if we’re paying attention, soon elect to the House of Representatives the candidate who will best represent the collective interests of a majority of the voters in our district. This will happen only if we know “who” we are voting for and “why.”

This election offers our district voters a clear choice. Darcy Burner, seeking political office for the first time because she believes our nation is in trouble and must change direction, is opposing Dave Reichert, party loyalist incumbent, recorded voting the Republican party line on 88 percent of the tough votes since taking office.

So, who is Darcy Burner? Age 35; grew up in a Republican military family in rural Nebraska with a brother currently in 101st Airborne; college-board math scores earned her a National Merit Scholarship; graduate of Harvard University; one year of post-graduate work at the University of Washington Law School; professional experience began at high-tech firms in the Boston area, moving here with her husband in 1998 to settle outside Carnation and later work as a program manager and group program manager at Microsoft, 2000-2004; married to Mike Burner, Microsoft employee and former Army intelligence officer; one son.

Why vote for her? Here’s a partial list of what she promises to pursue on our behalf if elected:

Locally – help for families by increasing investments in education such as restoration of student loans, enhancement of children’s health and nutrition programs, development of new family wage/fair benefit jobs, support for affordable housing and implementation of 9/11 Commission recommendations to make us and all America safer.

Nationally – launch of a real energy independence effort, passage of stronger ethics laws governing Congress and support for enforcement; restoration and strengthening of environmental rules for the conservation and preservation of our remaining natural resources; better benefits for our brave soldiers; the end of unfair tax breaks for the wealthy, big oil and corporations that out-source our jobs; the end of the assault on our constitutional rights and liberties; and the restoration of presidential respect for the laws passed by Congress.

Internationally – a realistic plan for exiting Iraq; cooperation with the family of nations to combat global warming; and restoration of respect and friendship for our nation lost under the present administration. On the “hot button” issues, she’s prochoice and supports stem-cell research.

Beyond the above, I see two other intriguing reasons for those of us living here in the Snoqualmie Valley to vote for Darcy Burner. First, wouldn’t it be neat to have a representative in Congress who comes home to our Valley? Burner’s home is outside Carnation.

Second, though not certain, national dismay over the Republican mess in Congress and quagmire in Iraq are leading many neutral analysts to predict the Democrats will take control of the House of Representatives. Burner is a Democrat. She’ll be celebrated as one of those who made it happen. Our voice will be heard because we can be assured she will speak up. Anyone who comes from where Burner was a year ago to where she is today will be a voice to be reckoned with.

No one is known better by the company they keep than politicians. Reichert’s friends and fundraisers are Bush, Cheney and Hastert, the Republican speaker of the House. Re-electing Reichert can only contribute to continuance of increasing deficits, continuance of the loss of our soldiers in Iraq and widening of the gulf between the rich and poor to the diminishment of the middle class. Maybe it’s time for a change.

Dave Olson

North Bend