Bond failure

Letter to the Editor.

Convention suggests I begin with: “I’m sorry to say I told you so, but….”

However, I’m not sorry. I did forecast that the latest school bond would go down in defeat. And, if my reading of the King County election results this afternoon (March 12, 2008) is correct, it did, again. True, only one third of registered voters actually voted, but our system demands we act on this result, not what “we all” know is best.

So, where to from here? As many have accurately pointed out, we have a school crowding problem. Clearly, the voters don’t want an additional tax burden to solve this problem. Come on school board and Superintendent Aune, time to put on those thinking caps and propose something other than more schools via more taxes.

How about (as I suggested before): year-round school? If not, specifically why not?

How about turning Snoqualmie Middle School into a ninth grade campus? With Twin Falls opening, middle school is where our capacity now resides, and Mount Si High School is where our biggest need resides.

While neither of the above options is perfect, at least I’m offering different options than those the voters have rejected for the third straight time. Also, let us not discuss bond 4.0. Sorta like in baseball, three missed swings and you’re out.

Don Rasmussen

North Bend