Bond benefits all students

Letter to the Editor.

The Riverview School District is once again trying to add athletic

fields to our high school, Cedarcrest. They have listened to the community

and downsized the project, thereby reducing the cost of the athletic field.

This ballot measure is very important, not just for the school district,

but for our children. Our children who play sports, and those who don’t

participate in organized sports, will benefit.

It is obvious why it will benefit those who play sports:

1. A better field to play on = better competition.

2. It’s located at the high school = they don’t have to drive down to

Tolt or go to another district to play and pay for the use of that facility.

3. For our track students so they don’t have to run in the streets, and

it will reduce shin splints since they will be running on the right type of surface.

Why it will benefit the students who don’t play organized sports:

1. All students take PE, so they will be able to offer a more inclusive

PE department.

2. It will be located at the high school.

3. The students at Tolt will be allowed during their PE time to use

the field that is there now for their programs.

4. Tolt would be able to offer middle-school sports.

5. All students can take pride and ownership of their school.

If you are still undecided by this bond, then you should walk,

run, whatever, over to the Tolt field and take a look at what the kids have

to play on. Maybe you should also take a ball and kick it up and down the

field and see what kind of shape it really is in.

We need 60 percent of the voters to vote “yes” for this bond. When

you go out to vote on Nov. 7, vote

“yes”; think of all the kids in the

Riverview School District. The district has listened to us, now it’s our turn to

step up to the voters box and support the district and our kids to get this up

and running. When this passes, our kids and community will have fields

beginning in the 2001 school year!

Thank you for your support. Vote “yes” on Nov. 7.

Kim and Stuart Lisk

and Joshuah Lisk,

student at

Tolt Middle School