Anyone interested in helping organize a Snoqualmie Christmas celebration?

A look at life in Snoqualmie from a local resident.

I have begun to train in earnest for the upcoming marathon and have

decided I should start dragging Sparky along with me, as he has

developed bugs bunny cheeks and a round belly, and has trouble jumping up on things.


Don’t forget to check out the newest Snoqualmie Valley visitors’

guide that just came in the mail. It’s full of information on where to get the

perfect pumpkin or Christmas tree, where to eat and all kinds of other



“Children remind us of who we were, while helping us to see who

we have become.”


It’s definitely time to get our yearly flu shots. The papers have said the

flu virus is going to hit the area a month sooner than expected, and a lot

of people do seem to be getting sick. A little needle prick is much easier

to take than a day or two of the flu!


Here’s a veggie recipe gone bad -asparagus with buttered hazelnuts.

In large skillet melt 1/2 tbsp. butter over medium heat, add 2 tbsp.

chopped hazelnuts and cook until toasted, then remove. In same skillet melt 1

tbsp. butter over medium heat, add 1 lb. asparagus, trimmed, and cook until

just crisp-tender, five minutes. Add 1/2-tbsp. fresh thyme leaves,

1-tsp. chopped fresh parsley, 1-tsp. lemon juice, 1/2-tsp. salt, 1/4-tsp. pepper

and sprinkle with buttered hazelnuts.


With fall comes power outages. To make your candles burn more

slowly and smoke less, put them in the freezer before using them the first time.


It happened this week: The first stone of the President’s home was

laid in 1792, the old Farmers’ Almanac began predicting weather in 1792

and Winnie the Pooh was published for the first time in 1926.


OK, Snoqualmie – is there anyone out there who is willing to

organize some kind of Christmas festivities for our town this year? I was just

reading about Carnation’s Christmas parade and Craft Bazaar to be held in

December, which made me think about the fact that Snoqualmie should

have some kind of Christmas celebration. I admit to not being good at

organizing such an event and will be busy training and fund-raising for the

Leukemia Society, but I would be willing to help if there is someone out there

willing to get it going.


My bratty little nephew PJ e-mailed me a story about how to

bathe a cat in the toilet. You’re supposed to fill the toilet with cleaning stuff,

put the cat in and flush it over and over. Then hold the lid down but open

the tank lid, and after awhile, your cat is supposed to shoot out like a

cannon. PJ has a way of sending me articles on things to do with kitties, and I

have now got to find a way to get back at him.

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