And furthermore…

Letter to the Editor

I need to tie up some loose ends.

At the October Senior Steak Dinner Stuart Lisk, council

member, asked me about my letter concerning the police levy. I said I wouldn’t

vote, the flyer I got was too complicated. I was busy selling tickets for steak

dinner raffle to benefit the seniors, so here’s my answer.

That letter was sarcasm, pure sarcasm. After voting 63 years, voting

is a privilege, not a problem.

He said the council didn’t say “the issue is so complicated that the

council should make the decision.” In July, the council decided it wouldn’t let

the community vote to decide. I am looking at the newspaper.

Regarding the choice of police departments, Carnation or

King County, I miss the police patrol through the trailer court. We are a

senior court, many living alone. Since King County Police took over, no


I called police twice. I didn’t think it was a 911 call _ yet. A stranger

had started sleeping in his old station wagon in an empty trailer space

across from me. I left two messages; the third call I got a live voice. She said she

listened to my message, agreed when I wondered where he went to the

bathroom, and if he was a descendent of Jack the Ripper.

That night, there he was again. I called again the next day; he told

them a tall tale about buying a new trailer and waiting for delivery. I gave

them the owners’ phone number. They called and he said get rid of him,

he’s a fake, arrest him if necessary. He was long gone.

Something else happened at the steak dinner. We were at a table

eating when Joan Sharp told me she was running for council against

Mary Osterday. After all this time, she spoke to me, called me by name.

I have decided to vote for Mary and Yvonne. They always speak to

me, and I am sure they have the welfare of this community we call home as

their first priority.

See you at the polls.

Marguerite Ensley