A year too long to wait

Letter to the Editor

I have been reading with interest the letters to the editor regarding the proposed school boundary change for the middle school. A number of letter writers from Snoqualmie Ridge have complained that had they known that their children would attend Chief Kanim Middle School, they would have voted “No” on the recent school improvement bond issue. These bonds will provide money for the new North Bend Middle School, the new Snoqualmie Ridge Elementary School and smaller amounts for improvements at Chief Kanim and Mount Si High School. We are fortunate to live in a school district where the majority of voters don’t share such a myopic point of view and instead regularly support measures that will benefit the district and community at large.

Another letter writer and the “View from the Snoqualmie Ridge” column demanded an immediate stop to the proposed boundary change and a year to study the problem. Unfortunately, we don’t have a year – the problem needs to be addressed now. Snoqualmie Middle School is too crowded this year, and next year’s incoming class of middle-school students is even larger. My sixth-grader’s band and PE classes have more than 50 students, while her reading class began the year with 40 students. Adjustments and schedule changes had to be made in September at SMS to reduce the classes to a somewhat reasonable size.

It makes no sense for Chief Kanim to have available capacity while SMS is bursting at the seams. If you look at a map of the district, the neighborhood of Snoqualmie Ridge is closer to Chief Kanim than any other neighborhood, and sending those students there is the most logical decision.

Both middle schools are good schools and reducing class sizes will improve the quality of educational experience for all students, no matter which school they attend. I fully support the district’s decision to correct this problem now. It is based on sound logic and takes into account the best interests of all the students in our community.

Rob Wheeler

North Bend