`A wonderful, dignified lady’

Letter to the Editor.

The following was written a couple of years ago and read at

a Chamber of Commerce luncheon commemorating Jeanne

Hansen for her contributions to the community:

How many among us have the vision for a brighter future,

The skills to navigate through countless obstacles,

The patience to endure seemingly endless process,

The ability to assemble a first-rate team, and the grace to

allow that team to perform its job,

The diplomacy to absorb undeserved criticism without

turning to anger,

The willingness to serve — without a trace of self-serving.

Such a person (was) Jeanne Hansen, a wonderful,

dignified lady, whose motivation, whose concern, whose caring —

was centered in her oversized heart.

Helen Keller said it best:

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be

seen or even touched — they must be felt with the heart.”

Jeanne (felt) with her heart, and we all have benefited

from her efforts. Thank you, Jeanne.

I am glad she had a chance to hear those words, because

they came from my heart.

Earl Palmeter

St. Raphael, France