A vote against Judge Ottinger

Letter to the Editor

I’ve read the glowing letters to the editor in favor of re-electing Judge Ottinger. Great quotes by an attorney and a nonprofit. Have either one of them been in her courtroom or appeared in front of her?

My husband and I have and I felt we were treated very unfairly. We were disputing an unsubstantiated noise ticket issued to us by a vengeful neighbor. We were not represented by a lawyer – a big mistake in her courtroom as you are a nobody without a lawyer.

I testified, as did the King County sheriff, that there was no evidence or proof of my neighbor’s claims. We had letters from our surrounding eight neighbors in support of us and she would not even look at them. In fact, I asked several questions regarding King County code. She never answered my questions, ignored me and ruled against us.

In the lobby, three people that had been in the courtroom came up to us and told us we had been shafted by the judge.

Judge Ottinger has been censured for multiple violations of the Judicial Code of Conduct. I can understand why. It is time for a fresh face in the Issaquah courtroom.

Cindy Parks

Fall City