A grand slam

Letter to the Editor.

Last week’s announcement regarding the preservation of the Falls Crossing site is, in my humble opinion, an absolute grand slam home run for the residents of Snoqualmie! A win, win, win, win, win blockbuster deal for all five parties involved!

My hat goes off to the Cascade Land Conservancy, Weyerhaeuser, Puget Western, King County and the city of Snoqualmie staff and Council (namely Mayor Fletcher, Gary Armstrong, Pat Anderson and Nancy Tucker). As Wayne in “Wayne’s World” would say, “I am not worthy” (respectful bows included). This diverse (often adversarial) group reached a breathtakingly complex agreement in a mere three months’ time through tireless effort, respect and tenacity. While there will undoubtedly be disagreements over the details, the big picture is a win for all, respecting the interests of all the parties involved.

I have carefully followed the Falls Crossing proceedings during the past year (along with many of the other growth issues that will be confronting this area for the next five to 50 years). While many of my Ridge neighbors may be understandably alarmed by some of the details modifying the current Ridge plan in this agreement, I can only say that the tradeoffs are well-balanced and well worth it (in my personal opinion). I had the opportunity last week to discuss some of the details with representatives of Puget Western, Weyerhaeuser and the city, and I am confident that the impacts of these changes will be minimal. In fact, I believe that they may benefit everyone in the long view.

I had hesitated to say anything, fearing that I may have to eat these words of high praise in the months to come. Yet, I concluded, that it would be a greater sin/risk not to recognize this exceptional agreement and to thank those involved for all their hard work, sacrifice, patience and perseverance. We live in a wonderful town – a slice of paradise that just got a little better today. This agreement gave the town of Snoqualmie a big kiss this past Valentine’s Day. Enjoy the moment.

Matt Larson