Heidi Lynne Haugen | Obituary


Mother & Daughter & Anorexia

Honoring the memory of

Heidi Lynne Haugen


Without a positive, cohesive family support system, recovery is hindered. We did not have that nor the financial access to the high cost of treatment when insurances do not cover. Heidi and I battled the anorexia demon, trying to find inpatient help for 15 years…to no avail.

Her battle was mine, her pain was mine. This is my story and hers, in her own words from her journals. Quote… “The One thing I don’t understand is the backlash of my Father’s hand”, “I need to know that you love me, help me, it takes a family participating”..Unquote.

As told by Sharon Hofstra Haugen and Heidi Lynne Haugen.

For The Love of Heidi Anorexia.Bulimia Education Campaign.