Water tank vandalized, possibly tainted in North Bend

UPDATE: White pellets were confirmed to be biodegradable airsoft BBs, no drink order still in effect

A North Bend water tank was vandalized this week and the Sallal Water Association is asking the affected locals to avoid using tap water until further testing is done.

The tank serves 82 North Bend homes in the Riverpoint neighborhood on Southeast Mount Si Road to 480th Avenue Southeast. Sallal, the co-op that serves the area, sent a letter to the affected households on Oct. 31 and recommended using bottled water for drinking, making ice, brushing teeth, washing dishes and preparing food.

The King County Sheriff’s Office is currently on the scene investigating the vandalism with assistance from the FBI. The unknown vandal gained access to the tank after cutting several locks. Police found “quite a bit of vandalism,” along with white pellets, which were determined to be biodegradable airsoft BBs, on the ground but not in the tank.

Currently, the sheriff’s office is testing the water as a precaution. According to multiple reports, water is being routed from a different tank to serve the affected neighborhood

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