Vote on Mill Site master plan expected to come in September

A schedule released by the city this week sets first timeline for project vote.

A final vote on the Snoqualmie Mill Site development master plan is set for Sept. 26, according to a schedule released by the city this week.

The date, shown at the July 11 council meeting, represents the first definitive timeline the city has set for voting on the project’s plan. It follows an independent hearing examiner’s ruling last month that allowed the project to proceed.

Between now and the end of September, the city council is expected to hold 12 meetings where they will discuss the master plan and begin drafting a development agreement. Both documents are projected to be voted on during a Sept. 26 council meeting.

A public hearing for the development agreement is expected to be held Sept. 12, according to the schedule.

Approval of the master plan represents the last major hurdle for the project before its developers, Snoqualmie Mill Ventures LLC, can begin applying for building permits.

The release of the schedule comes less than two weeks after an independent hearing examiner ruled that the project’s Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) — the subject of an administrative challenge from a local conservation nonprofit — was adequate. The examiner also recommended approval of the master plan.

The city council are tasked with affirming the hearing examiner’s decision, deciding if the master plan is in compliance with city code.

“The council is determining whether the application complies with the [code] criteria,” City Attorney Bob Sterbank said at the meeting Monday. “What [they]’re not re-litigating or re-deciding is weather the EIS is good enough — it is legally adequate.”

The council is expected to discuss the Mill Site project at two additional meetings this month, on July 25 and 26.