Voices of Silence

Here is what Valley residents, students, parents and protestors had to say about the 2008 Day of Silence:

Here is what Valley residents, students, parents and protestors had to say about the 2008 Day of Silence:

“I thought we paid teachers to teach our kids, not to be silent all day. You need to shut down the Day of Silence. Why does one club get all day? You can do it before and after school. How clear can we get?”

Ken Hutcherson, Pastor, Antioch Bible Church

“You don’t have to believe in being gay, but you shouldn’t treat someone poorly for it. They’re not teling you to be gay; they’re not telling you you have to be silent on the Day of Silence. It’s just about recognizing that it is a problem.”

Danielle Fulfs,

Mount Si junior

“Had they said, a Day of Silence for bullying, or a Day of Silence for kids that are betrodden, I wouldn’t have had a problem with that. But a Day of Silence to promote an unhealthy lifestyle, especially one that is so contrary to so many people’s religious beliefs — I think that’s just ludicrous for a public school.”

Joanne Lake,

Renton resident

“I’m supporting my son because he’s gay, but I’m also supporting these children. They have every right to not talk, so I’m here to support the silence.”

Kerri Stauffer, North Bend, parent of Valley grad

“I think [Hutcherson’s protest] is all wrong. They shouldn’t be doing it here, especially when school’s going on.”

Kory Khile,

Mount Si graduate

“The majority of people who live here support the message of tolerance and diversity that the GSA is highlighting today. We who live in the Valley want it to be an open community where people are free to be who they are and to tolerate the diversity we all represent. All the youth in our schools should feel valued, respected and recognized. There are a lot of people from the outside who came up here today, but they don’t represent us. Their voices have no authority here.”

Dave Eiffert,

Mount Si parent

“I think [Hutcherson] has every right to be here, but for someone preaching equality, but hates gays – that’s wrong. That’s totally hypocritical.”

Pete Yore,

former MSHS student

“It’s a gay agenda. The agenda is to make everybody accept it. I don’t. I don’t accept the lifestyle, but it’s not a matter of hating somebody.”

Ed P.,

Antioch Church member