State Patrol seeking dashboard video to ID vehicle that lost driveline in fatal S.R. 18 crash Dec. 13

A fatal crash on S.R. 18 last Wednesday is under investigation. The Washington State Patrol is seeking information and dashboard camera footage from any commercial vehicles traveling through the accident area at the time of the accident, to identify the vehicle that likely caused the accident.

The incident was reported at 4:47 p.m. on S.R. 18 near the Raging River, milepost 26. A Ford Focus had been traveling eastbound on the highway when it struck a large vehicle part, a driveline lying in the road. The Focus slid broadside into the westbound lanes of traffic, where a westbound Jeep Cherokee struck the car.

State patrol arrived to find two damaged vehicles, partially blocking the westbound lines. The driver of the Focus was dead, the driver of the Cherokee was seriously injured.

Based on witness reports and other evidence at the scene, investigators suspect that the driveline fell off a semi-tractor that was being towed “piggyback” (front wheels on the towing vehicle, rear wheels on the ground).

According to WSP experts, vehicles towed this way typically have one end of the driveline disconnected from the wheels and secured. Evidence from the scene showed a straight pattern of gouges, likely caused by the driveline, in the westbound lanes. The gouges then veered into the eastbound lanes, where the driveline and the Focus collided.

Anyone with information or video of vehicles traveling through the area of the accident between 4:15 and 5 p.m. are urged to contact WSP to help identify the vehicle that lost the driveline. Contact Detective Brody Ford at (425) 401-7742 or by email at with related information.