Snoqualmie winery to host ‘Pottery and Pours’ fundraiser for Ukraine

William Grassie Wine Estates in collaboration with Mezzaluna Kitchen and local artists will host a fundraiser benefiting Ukrainian-relief nonprofit, Help Ukraine 22, on Sunday, May 1 from 2-6 p.m.

The winery will provide one free glass of wine, per customer, for each direct donation made to Help Ukraine 22. 50% of all wine sales that day will also be donated.

Local pottery artists – Tina Mix, Karine Dandurand and Mason and Hugh Pastoriza – jeweler Erika Laureano and florist Sharlet Driggs will also be in attendance selling their art for the benefit. Food will be provided by Mezzaluna Kitchen.

The fundraiser is one of several held in the Snoqualmie Valley since the war broke out by resident Nancy Baker, who serves as the operations coordinator for Help Ukraine 22.

Help Ukraine 22 is a nonprofit administered by the Committee for Open Democracy as a humanitarian, boots-on-the-ground effort to rescue those in Ukraine and to get supplies, currently stuck at the border, into the country.

The nonprofit is also working to raise $75,000 for women who have suffered from sexual assault during the conflict, Baker said.

The nonprofit is made entirely of volunteers, many of whom are ex-military and ex-security officials who pivoted to help with relief efforts.

“What we’re trying to do is fill immediate gaps,” Brian Mefford, managing director of the nonprofit, told Fox News earlier this month. “Right now there’s an immediate need and we’re thankful for our great volunteers. ”

While some international organizations have struggled to set up operations within Ukraine’s borders, or won’t go in until there’s a ceasefire, Baker said Help Ukraine 22 has been on the ground for two months working to deliver aid and help refugees.

“Some people had to step up,” she said. “And we’re a group of people who did.”

The tasting room is located at 7802 Center Boulevard Southeast, Suite A in Snoqualmie.

To learn more about the nonprofit, visit: