Snoqualmie Police & Fire Blotter: hit and run, reckless driving, assault

Police blotter May 15-21 | Fire blotter May 18-24

POLICE | May 15 – 21

May 15

Hit and Run Attended Vehicle

A driver reported their vehicle was struck by a newer white vehicle near the intersection of Snoqualmie Parkway and Center Blvd. The vehicle drove away. The suspect vehicle was not identified.

May 16

Agency Assist

A man entered the Snoqualmie Police Station lobby hysterical, bleeding, and experiencing a panic attack. The man said he had been assaulted outside the city limits and a knife was involved. The King County Sheriff’s Office was notified to respond and handle the investigation.

Interrupted Vehicle Theft

A woman reported that 15 minutes earlier, a man broke into her vehicle near downtown North Bend. As officers were responding, the woman reported the suspect was back in the area. Officers arrived and found the suspect attempting to gain access to the woman’s car again. When the man’s identity was checked, it was determined he had several warrants out of a nearby city. He was booked into jail and charges were forwarded for Vehicle Trespass, Motor Vehicle Theft Tools, and Malicious Mischief.

Occupied Stolen Vehicle

An officer stopped a vehicle with no license plate in North Bend near I-90. The driver presented a fraudulent trip permit. The driver then admitted it was forged. After checking the Vehicle Identification Number , it was determined the vehicle was stolen. The driver was booked into Issaquah Jail for Vehicle Trespass and Trip Permit Violation.

The passenger in the vehicle had given a false name to officers. A mobile fingerprint scanner was used to identify them. It returned with a felony warrant out of Oregon. That warrant was confirmed, and she booked at King County Jail to be transported to Oregon

May 17


A man driving a truck with a trailer was traveling down Snoqualmie Parkway, veered to the left, drove across the oncoming lanes and crashed 25 feet down a ravine near Allman Ave. The driver was rescued from the vehicle by firefighters and police. The subject was suspected of DUI and transported to the hospital for his injuries. Officers obtained a blood search warrant and a blood draw was conducted.

Vehicle Prowl in Progress

Officers were dispatched to a suspicious man wrapped in a blanket walking around a North Bend apartment complex. When officers arrived, they saw two men near a vehicle. When officers asked what they were doing, they said their car had broken down. Officers observed drug paraphernalia in the vehicle.

The caller who reported the suspicious activity called back to report that the man had stashed some items between two vehicles. After investigation, it was found that the suspect had prowled vehicles. The items were returned to their owners and the suspect was booked on a felony warrant out of King County Sheriff’s Office. Charges were also forwarded for the theft.

May 18


A subject suffering a medical emergency left Snoqualmie Valley Hospital against doctors’ orders. Officers conducted an area check and located the patient who was brought back to the facility at the hospital’s request.

May 20

Reckless Driving

A truck with a loud exhaust fled from an officer during an attempted traffic stop near Railroad Ave and Tokul Road. The vehicle was going 80 MPH to 100 MPH. The officer was not able to pursue the vehicle.

The officer obtained the license plate number and contacted the registered owner’s residence. The parent of the driver said he would come to the police station and would bring his son, who was driving. It was determined the matter would be handled at home.

Traffic Offense

A driver was stopped near I-90 in North Bend for failing to use a blinker while passing, changing lanes, and turning. The driver was also traveling 20 mph over the speed limit. It was determined that the driver’s license was revoked and he had 15 prior traffic infractions or citations. Charges were forwarded for driving with a suspended license and for not using signals.

May 21

Assault in Progress

Officers received reports of four juvenile males physically fighting in a Snoqualmie Ridge neighborhood. When officers arrived on scene, the aggressor fled on foot. The officers were able to locate him. He was highly intoxicated and began to fight the officers. After a struggle, they were able to detain him. He was transported to King County Juvenile facility on Assault charges.

FIRE BLOTTER | May 18 – 24

May 18

Possible Overdose

Crews responded to a Snoqualmie residence for the report of a possible drug overdose. The patient was transported to the hospital.

May 19

Semi Accident

Crews responded to westbound I-90 at exit 27 for an accident involving a semi going about 15 to 20 MPH that hit two stationary trucks. All vehicle occupants were ok and refused treatment.

Motor Vehicle Collision

Crews responded to SR 18 at the Tiger Mt. Summit for a collision involving three vehicles. Four people sustained non life-threatening injuries and were transported to the hospital.

May 20

Trail Rescue

Crews responded to the Rattlesnake Trail area for a bicycle accident. The injured person was helped off the trail and to his vehicle.

May 21

Motor Vehicle Collision

Crews responded to Preston-Fall City Road for an accident. A vehicle was traveling approximately 50 MPH when it was t-boned. Two people were transported to the hospitals.

May 22

Trail Rescue

Crews responded to the Little Si Trail in North Bend for the report of a hiker who fell and suffered an ankle injury.

Motorcycle Accident

Crews responded to the intersection of Ridge St and Center Blvd for the report of a motorcycle passenger who fell off the back of the bike and suffered a leg injury. The person was transported to the hospital.

May 24

Rollover Accident

Crews responded to I-90 east of North Bend for an accident involving one vehicle that reportedly side swiped the freeway median and rolled multiple times. The vehicle was estimated to have been traveling at 100 MPH and sustained major damage. The occupant suffered a severe scalp laceration and was transported to the hospital.