North Bend offers bear-resistant trash containers

Bears in residential garbage cans are an ongoing problem for many Valley cities. The city of North Bend, under contract with Republic Services, is now offering a 96-gallon wildlife resistant container in some areas of the service area. Call (206) 682-9735 for more details on the wildlife resistant containers.

While there is no such thing as a receptacle that is 100 percent bear-proof, the best containers will have tight-sealing lids and doors to reduce odors, strong hinges and latches that cannot be pried open by bear claws (f it can be opened with a crowbar, it can be opened by a bear), and made of strong, corrosion-resistant materials that bears cannot chew through or crush.

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife offers these tips to protect your garbage from wildlife:

• If you have a pickup service, put garbage out shortly before the truck arrives; not the night before.

• If you are leaving several days before pickup, haul your garbage to a dump.

• Keep garbage cans with tight-fitting lids in a shed, garage or fenced area.

• Spray garbage cans and dumpsters regularly with disinfectants to reduce odors.

• Keep fish parts and meat waste in your freezer until they can be disposed of properly.

Safety information for living with black bears is posted on the WDFW website at