New play and work space opens in North Bend

The Village Project will provide flexible child care options, events and workshops for families.

​​The Village Project, a “unique” play and work space at 203 W. 3rd St. in North Bend, is now open.

The space is intended to create opportunities for connection and support for families in the Valley.

“Our model combines a beautiful play area, work spaces, as well as flexible child care options, enrichment classes, events and workshops that cater to the diverse needs and interests of families,” wrote Village Project founder and owner Anne Granderson in a press release. “The Village Project has reimagined the traditional play space as a vibrant community hub for families.”

Granderson, a mother of four with a background in education, became interested in opening a space for children and their parents soon after moving from Seattle to North Bend.

“In Ballard, it’s very urban so you meet people out walking. There was big support for new, young families,” she said. “When we moved out here, it just seemed like people were more spread out and isolated. Since the pandemic, I really think of those interactions and social connections more and more these days.”

The indoor play space, reserved for kids ages 5 and under, is split between a children’s museum-style play area and several workstations for parents or guardians. A toy kitchen with play food, a doll house, a small stage, a trampoline, a library, and more are ready to be played with. A blocked-off area for infants has also been set up.

Granderson said the surrounding workspace is equipped with fast WiFi and ample outlets to make it easy for parents to multitask while keeping an eye on their kids.

“It’s really not a big ball pit crazy chaos kid place, but a place where both parents and kids can enjoy and really focus on those early years,” she said. “The space is really fun and you can see your kid pretty well from most places, so I am hoping it will give parents the flexibility they need.”

For those planning to visit the new space often, Granderson suggests signing up for a membership to decrease overall costs associated with child care. According to the Village Project website, single-hour play times will cost parents $16 per hour per child, with 50% discounts for additional siblings.

The Village Project will expand its services to include enrichment classes, birthday parties, drop-off play care, family events, and office and venue space rentals this fall. The project’s owner is currently focused on launching open playtime, photoshoots with Everest Portraits and water play days.

“We are especially excited for our Family Friday Hours where we’ll open our space and host food trucks so families can enjoy a summer evening together,” Granderson wrote.

Also coming in the fall is a partnership between the Village Project and Trail Youth Coffee, which will result in the permanent residence of a coffee trailer on the property, ready to serve under-caffeinated parents.

Registration information for open playtime and an events calendar is available on the Village Project website.

​​The Village Project is at 203 W. 3rd St. in North Bend. (Photo courtesy of The Village Project)

​​The Village Project is at 203 W. 3rd St. in North Bend. (Photo courtesy of The Village Project)

Opening day at The Village Project. (Photo courtesy of The Village Project)

Opening day at The Village Project. (Photo courtesy of The Village Project)